Terms & Conditions

Players CANNOT attend and take part on any course without the signature of a parent or guardian at the time of registration of the course. Registration forms can be obtained from DWSA and on receipt of payment, a place will be reserved for the child. The registration form will clearly show the fees for attending courses. Should there be any changes at a later stage to the information supplied on the original registration form, then details, whether it is contact details, change of address, change in medical details etc., must be notified to DWSA as soon as possible.

The responsibility for payment of all fees lies, at all times, with the person who has made the booking. Failure by DWSA to make a written or verbal request for payment of fees does not constitute an excuse for late payment or non-payment.

Refunds will NOT be offered to anyone who cannot attend any course for whatever reason as the company will have already incurred non-refundable costs to facilitate the booking.

The company reserves the right to cancel any course at any time. Refunds, minus a booking fee, will be given in the event of the organisers cancelling the course. In the event of a course being cancelled due to a third party or a reason beyond our control, an alternative date and/or venue will be arranged and all attendees booked on the course will be notified.

The organisers are not responsible for any death or injury to any attendee other than that where negligence on the part of the organisers has been proven. Parents and/or guardians must notify the organisers of ANY medical conditions, allergies, injury, disability or illness that the attendee has and provide FULL details and any medication needed. Medicines will not be administered in the absence of written instructions.

The organisers are NOT responsible for any injury, illness or death caused as a result from current or previous medical conditions, injuries, allergies or illnesses which were not disclosed at the time of booking and/or on arrival at the first or only day of a course.

The company may request medical information and treatment from you for any medical condition the players has, and failure to supply this may result in your booking being cancelled and without refund.

In the event of a player being injured and/or requiring medical attention, you agree to us arranging and/or administering medical attention and treatment.

As the parent and/or guardian you understand that activities include physical contact sport and accept all risks resulting from participation in the course(s).

Private health insurance is not provided so any injury will be treated by the National Health Service.

Please ensure that you have the necessary insurance to cover any illness or injury to the player which prevents them from taking part on the course as no refund can be offered in these circumstances.

The organisers are not responsible for any loss or damage to any property or personal belongings on the courses, other than that where negligence on the part of the organisers has been proven. The company advise you to make sure the player does not bring any unnecessary items on the course and for you to arrange for suitable insurance to cover the loss or damage to any items that are brought on the course.

Any attendee who displays bullying, disrespectful and/or disruptive behaviour towards other attendees and/or staff or the location venue and/or facilities or behaves in a way that puts others in danger or at risk will be removed from the course at any time and no refund will be given. You will be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of damage to the venue, property and/or facilities on the course caused by the player.

The parent and/or guardian will be responsible for ANY legal action for injury and/or damage to person or property caused by the player’s actions or behaviour on the course.

Bookings are subject to availability and places are reserved on a first come first served basis. If your booking is received after the course places are full, we will notify you with alternative courses or refund your payment in full.

The company reserves the right to exclude a child or family from attending courses and also the right to refuse to accept a registration.

The company reserves the right to change the course details, dates and/or venue at any time.

The company reserves the right to close the course on grounds of staff shortage, unavailability of venue and facilities, or any other reason which in its reasonable opinion necessitates closure. Reasonable notice will be given where possible.

The company can change, remove or add to these terms and conditions at any time without notice

You agree to grant to the company the worldwide right in perpetuity, without approval or compensation, to use the player’s name, photographic or video image or likeness for our reasonable marketing and commercial purposes in relation to the courses.

The company do not allow any filming from any recording equipment including mobile phones on our courses. Parents and/or guardians may take stills photographs of the player they are responsible for at the end of the session or course, only when instructed to do so by a member of the company’s staff. Such photography is to be for personal use only and NO commercial use of any photo taken at one of our courses is permitted.

Neither you nor the player shall disclose or use any aspect of our course for commercial purposes.

An acknowledgement email will be sent out as soon as we receive your booking and payment in FULL. All parents and/or guardians will be asked to complete a registration form in full via the website page or on arrival on the first day of the course. Players CANNOT attend and take part on any course without the signature of a parent or guardian at the registration of the course

The terms and conditions and your booking shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

“DWSA” refers to the Dean Windass Soccer Academy
“Organisers” refers to the Dean Windass Soccer Academy
“Company” refers to the Dean Windass Soccer Academy
“Player” refers to any attendee or participant of any course run by the Dean Windass Soccer Academy
“Course(s)” refers to each and every course run by the Dean Windass Soccer Academy
“You” refers to you as the parent/guardian being responsible for the player being booked on the course.
“On the course” refers to the time you arrive on the property of the venue until the time of your departure

Don't forget we run soccer schools throughout the year in the school holidays and half terms!

Should you require any further information, you can contact us by telephone on 07732 267887 or by e-mail to info@dwsa.co.uk